the powerful portal that helps your Staff sell better

When we originally designed Crik-IT, we had sales reps and B2B customers in mind. We've been surprised by the heavy usage of Crik-IT by our subscribers' internal staff. When we inquired about this, our subscribers told us that it's easier to get the information they need from Crik-IT than it is from their internal systems.

Here are some examples of how our subscribers' staff use Crik-IT to do their job better.

Management can see at a glance how the company is doing. Don't want some staff users to have access to the dashboard? Access is easily turned on or off, user by user.

Management can establish unit volume goals, sales dollar goals, dealer visit goals, and access reports showing how each of his reps is doing against those goals, or even how each dealer is doing against their goals.

Product managers think they've gone to heaven when they get a look at the SKU-level reports Crik-IT gives them.

Warranty claim processors use Crik-IT a lot too. We had to put together a whole separate page to show how. Take a look.