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Testimonials from our users

Crik-IT is an outstanding sales & dealer portal! We have been able to streamline our sales with the use of Crik-IT, now our sales reps are able to spend more time with dealers instead of entering information multiple times in a CRM software. With Crik-IT our reps are able to see everything they need about a dealer with a few simple clicks, and sometimes no clicks with the use of the dashboard! They have been able to be more knowledgeable on the spot when speaking to dealers about what products have been selling well and which they need more help with being able to push. Our reps have seen great response from our dealers with this information and have raised the typical sales order because of the information. On the Backoffice end it has been wonderful that we can pick what information they can see without having to give our sales reps access to our accounting software. Our dealers also have been loving the dealer portal where they are able to access of the information pertaining to them and orders online at their time without need for calling us. This has been a seamless transition to Crik-IT for us because of the support we have received from the Crik-IT team. They gave information, demonstrations and addressed all of our questions in a detailed manner that we have needed. They have always been quick to respond and help us when we require the help. They have been very intuitive with our needs and check up on us to make sure we are doing well. All of us here at Framus & Warwick have been impressed with Crik-IT and would recommend them to anyone who is searching for a sales portal!

Submitted May 2, 2018 by Brianna Patrick, Framus & Warwick

We implemented Crik-it throughout our company to all our franchisees. This has really streamlined our process of order taking and allowing us to no longer need to double enter all the orders. The representatives have been very easy to get along with and have always handled questions and concerns in a very fast manner. They even customized and added extra features for a reasonable charge. great product and awesome people to work with.

Submitted September 2017 by Trimlight

We have been using Crik-IT as our CRM portal for about 4 months now. The platform integrates seamlessly with our version of QB desktop. Crik-IT was able to pull years worth of our data over in a few short hours. Our customers and dealers have been using the platform and have had a positive reception as well as providing positive feedback. Syncing data is automatic via their sync application. Crik-IT's customer service is outstanding to boot. We have made multiple requests which have been accommodated almost immediately. On top of that, the pricing is more than affordable. We would highly recommend Crik-IT to anyone looking to add a no-nonsense CRM to enhance their business.

Submitted July 28, 2017 by Simon Palma, Quality Leisure Products

From the first day I could see that this add-on would not only address the issues I had, but also make us a better, more customer focused, company. After four weeks of testing I can say that this product exceeds my expectations. What I didn’t expect is how customer focused the company is and how they anticipate your needs, answer your questions – sometimes before you even ask them - and how creative they are in addressing business needs that help you delight your internal, as well as, external customers. I guess you can tell that I think this is a wonderful product and company.

Submitted October 31, 2016 by Stephen Crisafulli, Gatchell Violin

Crik-IT has given our customers the ability to enter orders themselves, saving our office tons and tons of time. Plus, with Crik-IT standard orders can be set up which makes order entry so easy. Crik-IT's customer service is awesome too. If you need your reps or customers to enter orders themselves, give Crik-IT a try. You won't be sorry.

Submitted 2015 by SushiMaki

Crik-IT adds a whole new dimension to our business relationship with our customers! With it our customers have access to our inventory and their account 24/7- which is particularly helpful to them when our office is closed for the day & on weekends when we are not available to answer the phones. In addition to being able to view inventory/check stock, they also have access to their account- they can view invoices, account balances, product purchase history & open orders. They can place orders, submit warranty claims, keep track of display units, direct link to manufacturer websites for detailed product information-- they can even view a library of our recent announcement & sales/promos. Crik-IT provides them with the tools they need to be able to help their customers at any time. Crik-IT also has exceptional customer service- they are able to customize reports/screens to best suit our business needs. We would recommend Crik-IT to any business- EXCELLENT reviews all around!!

Submitted 2013 by Jen, Northeast Distribution Ltd

For years, we have been trying to come up with a reporting solution that is built with the full consideration of the Sales Rep. While other solutions may be available, they always felt difficult to learn. Crik-IT's learning curve is pretty gentle, especially considering the level of support that is available for FREE (take a queue Intuit). All of our questions and inquiries have been acknowledged within minutes and solutions generally offered in very short order. I don't think we've ever waited more than 24 hours for a solution, including weekends! Support has also been very quick to offer customized solutions, when possible, to really fill our specific needs. Bottom Line: If you're a small to medium business using independent sales reps, you need to give this a try.

Submitted 2013 by Jason Freeman, Kuma Stoves